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Mistakes were made
So to set this up. She put the guy back down on the ground and then she started to pace back and forth thinking about what to do next. Then not paying attention to where she's walking. Once again she steps on his leg, and it's the same leg she broke earlier. So once again she's making it worse. And on top of that, it takes her a while to notice.

Woman: "Okay...what to do?"
Man: "..."
Woman: "Maybe I can try to pop it back in place?"
Man: ""
Woman: "What you think i'm trying to do?"
Man: "I...can't...even"
Woman: "Would you calm down a bit. I'm trying to think here"
Man: "Me...hurting"
Woman: "I understand that. But speaking broken English isn't helping"
Man: ""
Woman: "What did I just say, i'm trying to..." *opens eyes* "OH MY GOD!!! I'm so sorry, I didn't even notice I stepped on your leg...again. Are you okay."
Man: "...Are you...fucking kidding me right now. WHAT DO YOU THINK?!!!!!"
Woman: "I don't know that's why i'm asking you"
Man: "Someone...please kill me now."
Woman: "I think I figured out a way to help you"
Man: "Oh hell no...please...just...stop"

Good girl, but she's too careless with her actions at times.
Just Trying to Help
Woman: "You see, told you I was going to help you"
Man: "..."
Woman: "What's wrong?"
Man: "...I"
Woman: "I what, what's wrong"
Man: "I'"
Woman: "Why you say that? I mean aren't I helping?"
Man: "Not in the slightest"
Woman: "How?"
Man: "You're holding me upside down. And on top of that...YOU'RE GRABBING THE WRONG LEG!!!!!"
Woman: "...Ooooohh, I'm so sorry, I'm just trying to help."
Man: "You're making it worse!"
Woman: "Ok, ok i'm going to put you down. But I'm still going to help"
Man: "Please don't, you've done enough"
Woman: "No. I'm still going to help. And you can't stop me"
Man: "And that's what I'm afraid of"

I mean she's a good girl, and her heart is clearly in the right place. But my god, she really need to think before she acts sometimes, lol. Got more incoming stay tuned.
I'm So Sorry
Woman: "Oh my god. I am so sorry, are you hurt?"
Man: "...Oh yeah, i'm fine it's not like my leg is broken in like more than 5 places."
Woman: "Whew, that's a relief. I thought you was hurt."
Woman: "Whoops sorry, I'm not that great at detecting sarcasm."
Man: "No shit"
Woman: "Look, let me at least help you since I'm the one who broke your leg."
Man: "Thanks I really appreciate that."
Woman: "I may be a klutz and a little bit slow at times. But trust me I know how to help."
Man: "And just like that I'm kinda scared for my life."

I think that's the last thing he wants to deal with, a clumsy giantess. Tell me what you guys think.
Female Super Saiyan
I was just messing around with this one. To see if I could pull this off, and it looks like I did. Tell me what you think.
Darkside of a Fantasy: The Ball
Man: "Okay, I somehow managed to dodge all of them...somehow."
Woman: "That's great and all but now you really can't move, like at all. Now look up and to your left."
Man: "...oh fuck"
Woman: "Oh fuck indeed my tiny man. Lets see you dodge this one. Hey like I said, this is your fantasy, this is what goes on in your mind. It's not my fault you're fucked in the brain, hehe. Now don't move, hehe. Like you can."

Damn son, but yeah that looks brutal. Expect the gentle side soon.
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Yes you heard the title, after basically two long years without fully making a picture I will be back at it soon just give me another week or so to get my new laptop. Trust me on that one. So yeah thanks for being kinda patient with me.

Oh yeah also if any of you guys have a Wii U here's my NNID: JamalC157

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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